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Welcome to my website for everyone interested in my work. The website serves as a portfolio of my work like interior design or design of entire family houses. If any of my works have caught your interest and you would like assistance with interior design of one room or whole house, reconstruction, or any other creative activity, feel free to contact me.

How do I work, and how can I help you?

In the case of designing the family house, we begin by placing the house on the building site based on the land’s possibilities and regulations. The final output includes floor plans for each level, facade views, sections, and visualizations. if the client wishes, I can handle the building permit and I can find and arrange everything needed with the construction company.

Like an interior architect, I focus on interior design, and if the client wishes, I can also manage all construction work for the new interior. In the first phase of a complete interior design, I create a layout solution with furniture placement according to the client’s needs and preferences. This may include necessary structural modifications. I then detail all atypical furniture (custom-made by a carpenter) and specify standard elements of the interior (ready-made items available in classic shops). Material solutions and color matching are developed together with design and of course, room visualizations are included. The final, most important, phase involves project implementation. I can serve as a design supervisor or directly coordinate the project with experienced craftsmen and construction companies.

Why hire an architect for interior or house design instead of doing it yourself?

Is better to choose a professional for the job. An architect can design the entire interior or house together in harmony, coordinating all colors and materials. The work of a professional can save you time and money, avoiding costly mistakes and repairs. Moreover, an architect can provide discounts from suppliers. Is often that the client spends less money on the realized interior than without the architect.

What is my design like?

An individual approach is crucial for me. Each solution is designed with the client’s needs, wishes and financial possibilities in mind. I am not one of those architects where design takes precedence over practicality. The greatest reward for me is a pleased client. 🙂

How much will it cost?

As much as you want. 🙂 I custom-made it not only for the design but also for the price. I can create a detailed project with drawings of each piece of furniture with the selection of all materials and secure realization. Alternatively, I can provide only visualization based on which the client can complete the interior themselves. I only have a fixed price for the first meeting… 2,000 CZK. During the first meeting, I already present solution options or, if existing floor plans are not available, I measure the space directly as part of the first meeting.